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The 2023 Paradise Garden Tour is coming up...

... and with it a new opportunity to advertise in the Ticket Book. Last year's book (you can review it here) was a slam-bang winner and we think this year's will be as well.

IF YOU HAVE NOT by now spoken with your 2023 Ticket Book representative to discuss exactly what you want, please contact Cheryl at 530-877-3435.

Ad Prices:

  • Full Page: $100
  • Half Page: $50
  • Business Card: $30
  • Business Card with coupon or a brief paragraph of text: Half Page price

You then can pay your ad by cash or check, or you may wish to use a credit card. Here's where you do that:

Pay with credit card

Payment Options

Your PGCI Tour Ticket Ads Lead this year
is Cheryl Habriel. Reach her at (530) 877-3435
or by emailing her at

Thanks so much!

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