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How To Join Us

Thinking about joining PGCI? Outstanding! (Need any more convincing? Read Why Join, including what's included with each membership.)

NOTE: Right now, in the months between the annual Paradise Garden Tour and the end of December, memberships are discounted. This is because membership entitles you to one or two tour ticket(s), and the moment to use them has gone by for this year. In November and December everyone renews at the full-year price.

Two Easy Steps!

Step 1:

New members please fill in this Membership Application Form (an interactive PDF, 103 Kb). You can save it to your hard drive and then attach it to an email to us at

Step 2:

Pay your post-tour membership dues. You can:

  • Bring cash or check to the Membership Table at any meeting (see our Calendar for dates)...
  • Make a check out to Paradise Garden Club Inc and mail it to us at Paradise Garden Club Inc, P.O. Box 1246, Paradise CA 95967...
  • OR use a credit card to pay via PayPal here:
PGCI Membership Post-Tour
(PGCI's Refund Policy)

That's it! Thanks & welcome to the club! We look forward to seeing you at our next General Meeting.

(Thinking about giving a PGCI membership as a gift? Wonderful! Just let us know who your gift is for when you make your purchase.)

Click here for info about the upcoming Paradise Garden Tour!


Got a question? Contact us!