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Grammy's Gardeners brings gardening joy to childrenParadise Garden Club Inc sponsors one of the few youth garden-activities programs in Buttes District. Ours is called Grammy’s Gardeners. Our Grammy’s Gardeners Chair, Carol Mordock, has been busy bringing the joy of gardening to school children in our area since 2002.

Carol, a retired teacher, gardened with school children on her own at Paradise Elementary School before taking up Grammy’s Gardeners. “Over the years we’ve used the Nature Lot at Paradise Elementary School to grow veggies, flowers, pumpkins, strawberries, and beautiful sunflowers. The students weeded, prepared the soil, planted seeds, visited their garden weekly, and kept a garden journal of the garden’s growth and progress. At the end of the school year we harvested carrots and radishes and enjoyed an outdoor healthy snack.”

Carol, our Grammy's Gardeners ChairThe children also planted daffodils and colorful bedding plants in various locations around school, where everyone can enjoy their beauty. In January of 2011 the 4th Grade also planted 300 daffodil bulbs at Paradise’s Gold Nugget Museum. The bulbs were blooming by the time students visited this Spring as part of their “Pioneer Days” celebration.

Grammy’s Gardeners also has provided hands-on activities for the annual “Days of Living History” at the Museum, such as garden-themed seed mosaics and miniature succulent flower pots. This year the fuzzy, grass-seed caterpillars were very popular!

Over the years many school sites have been involved. Grammy’s Gardeners has done additional garden workshops at Paradise Preschool, Evergreen 6th Grade Academy, Ponderosa Elementary School, and Children’s Community Charter School, as well as for many grade levels at Paradise Elementary. Daffodil bulbs were donated to every District school site for the last two years through PGCI’s Daffodils Across the Ridge program.

With the continued support and involvement of PGCI members, Grammy’s Gardeners will promote gardening enthusiasm and enrichment activities for many more future gardeners and their families.

PGCI is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Would you care to make a tax-deductible donation to support Grammy's Gardeners?

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