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Our sincere thanks to the firefighters, first responders, and other public safety workers who preserved as much of Paradise as we now have. They run into danger when others draw back.

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Life after the 2018 Camp Fire

The 2018 Camp Fire has left the town of Paradise devastated. As of this writing we cannot yet even get back into town to see the damage in person, although we have plenty of evidence that much of the town is gone.

As one of our evacuated members recently said though, "What does a garden club do without a garden?!"

Well, we carry on. We know there are ways we can help re-green Paradise. As the shock wears off we're starting to develop ideas. (A popular one is a Memorial Garden.)

Before the fire our Beautification Committee planned and planted civic beautification projects around Paradise. As of early in the morning on November 8th we had work planned at the Butte County Library, the Foster Triangle (Skyway & Foster), and the Elliott Triangle (Skyway & Elliott). Past projects had included areas in Bille Park and the Terry Ashe Recreation Center, the Ponderosa School, the Gold Nugget Museum, and Fire Station 1 on Birch St.

Many of these sites are now gone. We hope that as they're rebuilt we can replace our gardens, and we hope to help those residents who stay make the best of their own new gardens. Time will tell what specific projects we should take up in what order.

If you'd like to help out please consider a donation of funds that we can use to reaquire plants, seeds, bulbs, and other tools and materials. The button at the upper left will take you to our PayPal account for donations to helping beautify Paradise again. PGCI is a registered 501(c)3 organization.

As time goes on we also may put out a call among our sister garden clubs for help in the form of seeds and starts of native and fire-resistant plants, and possibly help to get them into the ground. First, we have to get stable again.

Thank you for your kindness.

(Please feel free to explore the rest of this site for information on us.)